Plans A’Changin’

Originally I’d planned to go down to the Knitters Review Retreat and stop by to see my cousin afterward. They her surgery was scheduled for Thursday, so I thought I’d go see her first, then go to the retreat.

Then I remembered that the kids don’t have school on Thurs or Fri (here in NJ they have a total of about 14 school days in Nov with holidays and teacher conferences, etc.) and – not having a nanny – I figured I’d take them with me to WV then on to VA.

Then I remembered that my cousin’s immune system would be drastically reduced (d’uh! I can’t believe that slipped my mind) so now, instead of going to WV, I’ll just go straight to VA – but with the kids.

The only time I firmly CANNOT be with them is during my class, but they’ve amused themselves while I’ve taught before, and I can probably get them to color in charts for me during the class.

So off I go to VA with the kids – actually looking forward to it quite a bit because I’ve missed them so much this summer in my various trips away. While I’m gone Gerry’s promised to either rip out the ceiling in the basement to prepare for my “studio” or to take down the broken light fixture in the kitchen, replace it and paint the kitchen. I vote for the basement, but whatever he does will be fine with me.

The kids had an amazing Halloween – what a night! Balmy, warm and breezy – perfect. I sat on the front steps, knitting and passing out candy, and a neighborhood black cat came and sat next to me (my two cats LOVED that.) Our little visitors were adorable – sweet little princesses and witches, power rangers and vampires and a few M&M’s (I made sure to give them little packets of M&M’s.) One of the dad’s who was taking his brood around stopped to chat and we agreed that this is one of the best nights to be a parent!

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