Here’s proof that I voted this morning. I’ve voted in every election here in NJ since I moved here 8 years ago, and I’ve NEVER seen our polling place so busy. The workers were already exhausted (I asked if I could run and get them coffee) and it was only 8:30!

I’m working up a new knitting with wire kit – this one for a handknit wire headband (many of you have seen me wear mine…) The first colorway I’m working up is a lovely amethyst wire mixed with predominantly red/purple Himalayan yarn with reddish or purlplish beads worked into the cast on and bind off. It’s a simple pattern – and I’ll post it as a freebie. If you buy the kit you’ll get the pattern along with a general “knitting and crocheting with wire” booklet with lots of tips on using wire, making your own findings, but the pattern is so simple it seems better to just give it away!

I was in a tremendous funk yesterday – several reasons – but the fog is clearing. I am definitely looking forward to my long period of non-travel after next week. A new project has reared it’s head and I’m very excited about it – not quite a book, but just as good (better!) and as soon feel comfortable I’ll post about it.

The hardest part about creating these kits is trying to decide WHAT color beads to use! I buy beads of all colors, put the kits together, then when I go to buy more beads I’m drawn by the siren song of NEW colors! Exciting for me, but bad for consistency.

I’ve gone to press for a 4th time – totally sold out of the wire bound (wow!) so I’m printing up more. It’s time for me to come up with a new book – this time with color. I need to investigate some overseas printers who will deal with small print runs…

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