Counting the Days

You may have noticed the button to the left – I’m canvassing for submissions to a Crochet Pattern-A-Day calendar that I’m putting together for Accord Publishing. They did a wonderful Knitting Pattern-A-Day calendar for 2005 edited by Paulette Lane This will be along the same lines, but for 2006. My deadline for submissions is Jan 1, but I can be a trifle flexible if I hear of a good idea that needs some time to work out the kinks.

If anyone out there is interested in submitting a design please email me and I’ll reply to any questions. You can also visit a page I put together for more information on the project.

I think this may encourage some knitters to pick up a hook and overcome their fear of crochet (it adds so much to our knit garments to have a nice crocheted edge or crochet buttons!)

Other Things In The Works

I’m also considering editing and compiling a collection of essays from knitters (and knit teachers – anyone who’s taught SOMEONE to knit!) about how the craft has made a positive change in their life, or the lives of those around them.

Every time I hear of another world leader who seems psycho, I just think, “Too bad they don’t knit…” I’m tentatively thinking of calling it, Cheaper than Therapy. If you’re a budding essayist – an Emerson with needles and yarn – please email me with your idea! If I can make this work out I intend to pay for submissions and I promise it will be at least a bit more than I got for my sweater in S&B.

This is still in the idea forming stages, but I know there are a lot of inspirational stories about knitting out there – I’d love to hear them!

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