I have a low grade fever today – it spikes, then it diminishes. I’ve had these fevers since having Lyme disease in the early 90s – when I start to get ill they come in waves, generally the strongest fevers are between 4pm – 7pm (as is true for children…)

So today my fever is visiting – dry mouth, cold hands, hot face and a feeling of unreal-ness to everything. Colors are bright and time passes very quickly.

Some really terrific submissions have been arriving for the calendar – it’s gratifying because I hadn’t really started a big ad campaign to get the submissions yet (please, SPREAD THE WORD!) but what postings I’ve placed have gleaned a nice collection of lovely stuff! I have also been working up a few projects for the calendar – figuring that if I need them I’ll have them, and if I don’t I’ll send them to other venues. Crochet is so freeing in the sense that one doesn’t have to carry two long needles around (yes, I like long needles – I like my needles like I like my … oh, never mind)

A comment made me realize that I hadn’t specified that I’m seeking submissions for Cheaper Than Therapy from all yarnworkers, not just knitters (that was my own frame of reference) As a matter of fact, even if you, yourself, don’t knit (or crochet, or spin, or tat, etc.) but have been affected by the work of someone else and would like to write about it, I’d LOVE to hear about it!

I have a few rounds of submissions to begin gearing up for (for which I need to gear up? How would one write that sentence?) and that’s always something good to look forward to. Hate to get the rejections back, but love to get the “we like your stuff…” call. I tend to write about the rejections more than I the latter – funny how they loom larger. Must be the fever.

Tonight I teach – I like my Thursday class, it’s going well and I have most of them working on a version of my technique sampler bag. My Tuesday class this week was really nice, too – a very enjoyable and fruitful class. I love my students, they give me such a great perspective on life. Everyone should find something that they can teach, either to one person or to a group. It is so helpful – I learn so much from my teaching.

Hannah brought home a recorder yesterday – the little flute-like instrument that elementary school kids learn to torture in the 3rd grade. She loves it, and telling her that she couldn’t practice until she did her other homework was a tremendous inducement to get through math and writing! I know I’m a biased mom, but she sounded not too bad as she squeaked through her scales – then turned around and insisted on showing Maxie everything she’d learned (he, too, has a recorder that I bought for him at Ikea).

This morning at breakfast they both serenaded me with quarter and half notes; “B” “C” . Over and over again. And again. We’re about to initiate the recorders-only-in-the-basement-or-bedroom rule.

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