My other America is a Democracy…

Something new. I’ve devised a way to deal with my feelings and share the haunting sense that more folks agree with me than the opposite. Here is another way, a map I created, my own artistic interpretation of the election results. Yes, I realize that this is map number 1,234,456 created by bloggers in the past week. Why should I be any different?

As much as the media would like us to believe that we are a polarized nation, I don’t agree. I find that my friends of all political persuasions, no matter WHAT their political stripe, agree with me on the major issues: We have to care for the world and the people in it. We have to work to make the world better. How we get there is the difference.

What frightens me is that I’ve come to believe that both of those goals are not high on the agenda of our current administration. Not even on the first page.

It’s rainy here and will be all weekend. I watched ER last night (which I should never, NEVER do) and cried like a fish on Friday. Gasping, heaving, choking sobs. Thank heaven the kids and Gerry were asleep – the only folks I alarmed were the cats and the dog (who, I must say, was concerned.) Yet another blind-sided crash of mourning pops up, and I’m glad I was alone. Me, the pets and Ray Liotta.

I’ve spent a good part of the day working up crochet instructions, contacting designers (keep ’em coming!) and working up some stuff myself. I’ve been working on a ribbing that’s kind of cool that I’m going to add to the end of a pair of gloves as a kind of gauntlet. Quite chic. I’m biased.

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