Okay, enough is enough…

Sorry about the week hiatus. I needed some time to just veg and not write about it. I think I’m experiencing exhaustion overload from the past few months, plus facing the holidays for the first time without mom is daunting.

We’re having some good friends over for Thanksgiving, their two kids are best friends with Hannah and Max, so a great time is sure to be had by all! I just shopped for food – butternut squash (for pie), brussels sprouts, yams, apples (to go on top of the yams, fried, and in pie) and piecrust. So how did it come to $75? Andrea will be bringing yet another pie and some veggie dish, we’re thinking of having an open house on Friday afternoon/evening to eat the leftover pie!

The calendar submissions are pouring in, and it’s so gratifying to see the skill and breadth of talent of the submitting crocheters! Please pass this link along to any crocheting friends who you think may be interested in contributing!

I’m also getting some lovely, touching stories for the other book I’m putting together – you can read about it here

The crocheting is taking a bite out of my knitting time, but I’m still managing to get some good knittin’ in. We have a mouse, by the way, and I’m pretty upset at the cat (after all of the ‘gifts’ he leaves at our front door you’d think he could get this one, little mouse!) Hannah, of course, wants to catch it and raise it as her own.

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