What a Lovely Break!

I had such a lovely Thanksgiving! Our friends Andrea and John came by, their two kids – Ian and Erin – are Hannah and Maxie’s best friends, and a swell time was had by all It’s so much easier to have the dinner and share the food cooking, etc. Andrea is such a great cook – her asparagus was lovely and her pie was AMAZING! The turkey came out nicely, too (thanks, Ann, for the suggestions)

It’s been a very lazy weekend – well, lazy in some ways (lots of sleeping) and not lazy in others (lots of crocheting) and positively foot dragging in others (I have design deadlines to consider…)

My Creative Knitting arrived – I can’t really say much, but here’re a few things that I submitted to them this time around…

One wonderful part of the weekend was the visit of my old college friend – just a wonderful chance to catch up a bit, play with her pretty baby and meet her very nice husband. I was gratified – and so proud – to see Ellyn wearing a sweater that I knit for her over 20 years ago. Looking at it, I realized that I was, indeed, knitting in the Eastern Crossed method when working in the round. I tell my students all the time about my mistakes, and how long it took me to learn stuff that I’m passing on to them. Quite often I think they don’t believe me, this sweater is proof that I had no idea how to ‘read my stitches’ when I first started knitting in the round! Yet it looked okay – every stitch was twisted – but perhaps that’s why it lasted so long…

We got out for a walk, I showed off my neighborhood and we put the baby to sleep (albeit briefly!) What a lovely family El has – so great to see her so happy and healthy – I really look forward to resuming our friendship!

Gerry and I bought the Harry Potter movie, of course. What a blast – how cool to be able to share a passion for the JK Rowling books and films with our kids! While we were watching the movie Hannah mentioned that Ron’s hat was kind of cool, so I was inspired to crochet up a hat for her in Art Yarns’ Ultra Merino. (I changed the crown, colors, etc., drastically. I think it’s based on a traditional Peruvian, Tibetan or Chinese hat shape, but I don’t know what the name of it is. If anyone knows, please fill me in!)

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