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New Pattern

Here it is! The Chullo Hat I showed before (thanks, Larry, for the real name of the hat!) And there’s time to make a few before Christmas for the kids-of-any-age in your life!

I know that those of you who are solely knitters are probably pretty much over the crochet stuff I’ve been posting. I’m sorry – it’s just that I’m totally immersed in the calendar and find myself working up new patterns in every waking moment.

I never really understood the division between knit & crochet. It seemed artificial an – like so many divisions – unnecessarily contentious. To a non-fiber worker it probably seems comical. I hadn’t realized there WAS a divide of any kind when I designed my first piece for Interweave Knits (a mother/daughter hat set which blended knit and crochet) At a different knit magazine’s fashion show later that year I was gratified to see two women wearing my hat (always a thrill for a designer!) but was chagrined when the editor of that magazine exclaimed, in a stage whisper, “Ladies, you don’t want to make this, it’s crochet!

Of course the editor was joking – but often I’ve encountered a closed-door attitude about non-knitting skills, even when discussing something as minor as working a crochet edging. To me crochet and knitting go hand in hand – slightly different, but the concept (one loop is the ‘mommy’ for the next loop – enough generations go by and you have a piece of fabric!) is pretty much the same.

I dislike divisions that seem to exist exclusively to diminish one side over another. I’ve recently run into a situation in a nearby town where I was asked to submit a proposal to teach some knitting classes. “Great!” I thought, “A new venue – a new audience!” The venue was a visual art center but I didn’t think twice about that. I’ve taught classes in galleries and at the Newark Museum, and I’ve had pieces on display around the state.

So I sent off my proposal, and in response I received an email from the intermediary for the art center board which brought up two points “of concern”; 1) Why would someone want to take a class when they can get it for free at the library? (our local libraries have knitting or needlework nights where folks gather to work on projects together)

The second point was harder to comprehend, 2) This would be our first non-visual art class, and we’re not sure we want to move in that direction. Bear in mind, folks, that they offer classes in jewelry making at this art center.

Which begs the question: Why is applying paint to a canvas, throwing a pot or making a bracelet more legitimate ways to express onself than making a stitch? Art snobs reverse gains made by true artists. Are they afraid of traveling down the crafty slipery slope where everyone wears hats that look like toilet paper roll covers?

To that end, I am announcing a contest.

The 1st annual



1) The item must be designed and or created by the entrant.

2) The item must be knit, crocheted, felted, sewed – basically you have to use your hands to make it.

Those are the rules. Period.

As I receive entries (just send me a .jpg or .gif file) I’ll post them in a gallery. Later, if we all feel inclined, we can vote and the winner will get a jumbo pack of toilet paper from Costco. Religious icons are encouraged. Contest will end on Jan 31, 2005. Let’s have some fun.

… and on the book front…

On samplerlady’s suggestion, I’m thinking of using my next Audible book credit to listen to one of Diana Gabaldon’s books. I was going to get a Phillipa Gregory book, but I’m reading one and have one on the way, so I figured why not acquaint myself with a new author! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to really enjoy a book – I’m so glad to be getting my ‘reading chops’ back!

Any suggestions for a good listen are gratefully accepted!

Oh, and not only did I see Shakespear in Love, I had the great honor of meeting the costume designer – Sandy Powell – when I did a sweater for Far From Heaven Big thrill of my life!

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