5 Minutes…

I called into Air America this morning and confessed my sins in the liberal confessional. My sin was that I went off on a woman who’s giant SUV sported the bumper sticker:

Thank ME for your Tax Cut

I voted for BUSH

I thanked her alright – for taking away my kid’s future. Mark & Mark on AA said didn’t need absolution. In fact, I should do something nice for myself! So I may go use a birthday gift certificate and get a manicure/pedicure. So there! Another 5 minutes of fame (tick, tick, tick)

The new Knitty is up – some nice things, but overall not the best issue ever. I like almost all of the designs, but I keep thinking, “What about something a tiny bit challenging?” We all look for different things in a knitting magazine – and my assessment probably has a lot to do with my own personal bowl of sour grapes – so be advised to take what I say with a few grains of salt!

I had submitted two items. Here’s one submission – a vest with triple YO’s that are later used as a warp for woven areas in the fabric. (it will soon be offered as a kit through Spirit Trail Fibers) My other submission was the poncho that I’m offering for free. It’s a sweet pattern and I don’t know how long the poncho thing will keep going on, so I figured why not get it out now so folks can enjoy it!

To my astonishment TP Roll images are flying in! I may have to set up a webpage to advertise the contest – what a concept – the mind reels!

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