Silence = Busy

Sorry I’ve been so blog silent – it’s that silent night season, I guess!

I’ve been burning the midnight oil along with the yule log (actually, our fireplace doesn’t work so I have a cool candelebra in our fireplace that I light for atmosphere) but however you slice it, I’ve been busy!

The calendar is coming along beautifully with submissions arriving as fast as I can catalog them, give a cursory glance to the instructions and double check the image quality! A few pieces have arrived for me to photograph, so I’ll be doing that after Christmas.

I have a major design deadling right after Christmas, too, so I’ve been sketching and re-swatching wildly for that. And, while I’m at it, I’ve also been doing a lot of sketching for the Historic Knitting book – so many ideas! I need to begin to get in touch with some yarn companies who’d like to be affiliated with the project, it’s going to be wonderful!

And, finally – but not least – there’s the holiday stuff! Today I finally bought a tree, our lights have been up since the first night of Hanukkah, but now we’ll have a tree, too! It’s our first tree in about 4 years because we’ve been visiting family over the holidays. This year it’s just us. My cousin (who is doing very well, by the way) will be working on Christmas. She’s trying to make up for lost days due to her illness and is banking days that she may need next year. My sister in law will be visiting her brother and sister and family in Galveston, so this will be my first Christmas in a long time with no non-immediate family relative to hug and fight with.

Tonight is Tuesday Drop In Class – holiday style – If I can get my butt in gear this afternoon to boil a few potatoes I’ll make some Potato Candy (yes, it really IS good, but you have to be Dutch to really enjoy it) so that the class can sample it. Gerry’s working on Christmas, but he’ll be home Christmas eve and Christmas morning, which is the important time. I’m feeling at loose ends this holiday, obviously.

As I was digging through our Christmas stuff I found the stocking that one of my dad’s employees made for my brother when he was a little boy. She made a matching one for me, which seems to have gone missing… I hung Jim’s stocking along with all of the family ones. I remember one of my first Christmases in NYC, 20+ years ago, when Jim & mom came into town to spend it with me. He visited my office and was drafted to be the santa. I remember feeling so odd – my ‘new’ NY life converging with my ‘old’ Ohio family life. I do miss him and my mom quite a bit.

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