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Yesterday was spent at the kid’s school – in the morning Maxie’s class had an “Author’s Breakfast” where the kids read books that they’d written and the parents kvelled. Max, I am proud to say, got the biggest laugh when he read his book, “Likes and Dislikes” – apparently he doesn’t like peanut butter but he does like pizza. And he doesn’t like beer. I told him he’s still buying.

Later in the day Hannah’s class did a “Reader’s Theatre” production of The Hundred Dresses, which is a book that my sister in law bought Hannah several years ago. They all did very well – it was a lovely day!

I continue to have extreme exhaustion issues, though – it was about all I could do to get myself to the school with all of the teacher gifts, boxes of juice for Hannah’s party, extra books for the library. Of course, when I got there I’d forgotton my purse – so between Max and Han’s presentations I drove back home to pick it up. Since Hannah and Max go to a demonstration school in our district (a magnet school) it’s relatively far from our home.

Gerry was able to show up for Hannah’s presentation, and after all the kids finished I bolted to get home to sleep and left Gerry to be a class parent, handing out cookies and juice and cheese squares. I slept until dinner, then I got up, ate, and slept some more. A whole day gone – how odd.

As I was tucking Hannah in last night she asked me if she could talk to me about something important. She wanted the talk. She’s 8. I was a little relieved to understand that the talk she really wanted was “I want to get a bra!” not the other stuff. But the other stuff needs to be dealt with, and this is probably the time to do it. Yikes. I think I was 10 before I started deviling mom for juicy details, but Hannah’s an overachiever in this department. I’m also astounded at the amount kids in her class seem to already know – Hannah’s a real innocent by comparison.

Today is last minute santa stuff, then the kids are home for 10 days and I’ll be lucky if I get a stitch finished. Gerry’s agreed to work just about every day over the holiday (he feels it’s his Jewish obligation to allow the non-Jews to have Christmas Day off…) and the kids will be – well – insane. If you don’t hear from me by Sunday send a search party.

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