I just took the tree out to the curb, vacuumed up the needles and put away the lights. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned up after Christmas so early, but a rearragement of our living room made it impossible to manouver with the tree – and I was getting antsy to get it put away. Go figure…

It feels good to be cleaned up, though! I think I was pining for some non-knitting work for a change of pace!

The last few days have been a knitting nightmare (or dream – or both!) I’ve been swatching like a maniac and I’ve had one of my creative spurts when I could stay up until 3:00 sketching sweaters and swatching them. That’s why I’ve been so underground as far as the blog goes. On monday I have a bunch of stuff to submit to VK, I just sent 20 sketches out to Interweave. And, of course, I’ve been sketching and research a LOT for my book.

Does anyone have experience in approaching galleries, museums and art collections to obtain permission to use a painting, or section of a painting, in a book about historical clothing and knitting? Like most things I’ll probably end up just winging it and reasearching it and fumbling my way – but I’d love to hear of experiences that any of you have had.

Also, thanks to everyone who’s emailed with offers to knit for the book. I’m still compiling designs and figuring out which yarn companies I’d like to work with so I can get yarn requests in. I’m so very excited about this project!

The crochet calendar continues apace – it’s so much fun, and the designs coming in are very creative and clever. I’m trying to keep up with the pace of submissions, but they’re getting ahead of me a bit. That’s what I get for taking time off to work up knit designs!

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