Fun With Snakes

No, this isn’t a reference to my Fundamentalist WV family (non of whom have EVER handled a snake, thank you very much…) but a nod to the Minoan Snake Goddess from Crete.

She’s inspirational to me – and she’s one of the first designs that I’ve worked up for Historic Knitting (egads I need to find a better title – that is totally inappropriate and misleading… Any suggestions…?)

At any rate, I’ve been Gaya-awful busy for the past week and sorry not to be blogging more. Where ARE my manners? The emails from guys interested in knitting for MEN WHO KNIT (yada yada yada) are coming in – it’s gratifying to see so many men eager to get some free yarn!

But as soon as I decide to back-burner something, it keeps popping into my head with ideas, ideas, ideas – thus the Minoan outfit, in Plymouth Yarns, that I’ll post here for a brief time!

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