Check yer bucks

I was listening to Morning Sedition this morning and when I checked their blog I read about a movement to write notes on US currency to protest Bush’s policies. Folks were checking their wallets and finding these bills – I, myself, found 2 dollars with BBM written on them (Bush’s Blood Money) Interesting…

I actually called in to make a comparison. Folks who don’t completely understand their knitting tend to be the most dogmatic about the right way to knit.

I made the connection that folks who don’t have a firm, well-informed knowledge of their own religion, it’s history and place in the realm of world religions, tend to be the staunchest fanatics who insist that theirs is the only path to peace and enlightenment. There is more than one road to Toledo.

This is, of course, different from those who are passionate about their religious choice and don’t mock others for making a different choice. Passion is not fanaticism. For example, a Catholic can be passionate about her faith and still hold respect for the Hindu or Muslim – or non believer – who has found a way to create a good and useful life working for peace and understanding.

Ignorance is truly the fastest path to chaos.

I’m ignoring mainstream media today. I’m going to write, edit, knit and watch Angels In America (from Netflix) Later there may be sledding for the kids.

Bronchitis Redux

I went to the doc last week and discovered that the hacking cough I’ve had for months is Bronchitis (which I should have known) so after a week of antibiotics I’m coughing harder than ever. Cough. I wanted to go to Meetup last night, but I was so feverish (I get fevers between 4 – 7 pm) that I thought it best to stay home and under my quilt. Sorry Athena!

This week I’m going out to Long Island to Three Black Sheep for a knitting with wire class. It’ll be a blast – they always are – and we’ll make lovely things and have a great time! If you’re in the area, join us! I promise not to cough on anyone.

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