I’ve received so many emails over the past few days asking, “Is your segment going to be on Knitty Gritty tonight!” or “I thought your segment was going to be on Knitty Gritty!”

Not having cable, I don’t really pay attention to listings for non-broadcast channels, but apparently the description of a recently Knitty Gritty segment was that of “my” show. My show number is 308, by the way…

Knitty Gritty didn’t seem to have a full-time permanent staff (like so many shows, they staff up during their shooting season, then go back to skeleton staff when they’re on hiatus) so I wasn’t really expecting a lot of follow up letting me know when my show would air – that’s not uncommon. Apparently the description of my show got mixed up with Karen Baumer’s segment on socks – which is a real shame for Karen!

As soon as I know when it will air – IF I know when it will air – I’ll certainly alert the blogosphere. I have very mixed feelings. I love that I’ll be on TV, I hate the thought of looking at myself. I go along thinking I’m one way – not really a gorgeous model or anything, but I have my own mental image of myself. Then I see a moving image of myself, and it’s just so freaky! It’s like hearing my voice on a recording. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s more that it’s jarring because it’s not what I believe in my soul to be the true me.

Free Coffee

I am a mystery shopper (there, I’m outed…) and I do shops around the area every now and then. Yesterday I got a call from the company I “work” for (I use this term loosely because my pay consists of free dinners or merchandise, but no real paycheck or anything like that) that they’ve acquired a new client with a branch near my home, and asked me if I’d do a shop today where I stop by, ask some scripted questions, order a beverage, note the time it takes to process my order, and report back to them. It’s very cloak and daggar. The dog barks twice at midnight.

It just so happens that this establishment is on the way to Treasure Island, where I have to go today to pick up some jewelry findings, so it’s very convenient. And I get a free coffee. And I also get $5. Maybe I’ll buy a muffin. Maybe I should think about how I look on TV.

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