Max is 7 today. Seven years ago I was at Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge watching the 2 hour Homicide while laboring to deliver my little boychik. Finally at 5:20 there was my beautiful 11 lb baby boy (and I had taken no meds, am I insane?) He was such a big and strong baby that he held his head up just a few hours after he was born. Amazing. He still is! Life continues to go one – sailing by so quickly – and my boy is so big.

Respite & Raveling

What a busy weekend – oy!

On Sat I drove out to New Haven, a long trip from South Orange, for 2 great classes! My students were so excited and enthusiastic that the fact I was 30 minutes late was actually a GOOD thing! The amazing class taught three of the new students how to knit while they were waiting for me (stuck in traffic on 95 outside of the GWB) Thanks so much to all of you for your attention and your patience.

On Sun I drove out to Long Island, to the beautiful little town of Northport to visit Three Black Sheep. What a great yarn shop! Like most shops, there’s more yarn than space, but since when was that a BAD thing?

Lauren, one of the sheep (she introduced herself as the “middle” sheep) and her mother made me feel so welcomed and loved. The class was inquisitive, questioning but very enthusiastic. I found myself during the lunch period in a back room having a minor breakdown – always lovely – and I have to chalk that up to the energy I’ve been expending on travel, teaching and especially the deadlines that loom. After a few minutes I washed my face, had a cup of coffee and we returned to the class for part II. Lauren was gracious in her understanding. Knitters are lovely people.

Today I’m getting sketches printed out to send to IK – and, because it’s Max’s birthday – it’s a rather full day! Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins at the school, then swimming and karate for the kids after school. We’re going to take Max out for Chinese food for dinner and then if I’m able I’ll run by Starbucks for the knitting meeting. I’ve asked for a day’s extension on the IK submissions since I can’t really get an extension on Max’s birthday! He’s only 7 once (and such a happy 7 year old he is!)

I woke him up with a gift on his bed, then after breakfast we all caught the bus. He’s just such an unassuming, happy and joyful little boy. I’m becoming verklepmt.

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