Rounding 2nd
I’m not in sight of home base, but I can feel that I’m getting closer with the calendar. Hooah!

Fun Knitting for ME!
I mentioned that I’m working on a boy’s sweater – and I’m also doing a matching girl’s sweater. The most exciting part is that they’re going to be for my own two little darlings, Max & Hannah. And, even better, I’m doing it for IK so the kids will get to model the sweaters. I’m using Garn’s Karisma for the set, and I’m really enjoying how it’s working up. The colors for the fair isle portion are clear and pure – it would be nice if this encourages folks to try their hand at cables and fair isle who might otherwise feel that it’s beyond them.

If you can knit and purl, you can do ANYTHING! If you have a passion to do a certain technique that you haven’t yet mastered/mistressed, you CAN do it in the right frame of mind. Be forgiving of yourself as you practice, admire the skill that you’re learning, and work on a swatch (or several) first so you can SEE your learning curve. THAT’S very exciting!

Midwestern Tour?
I’ve been asked to teach at a new retreat in the midwest in November, but in order to make the trip financially feasable I’m trying to set up teaching gigs on the way out to Wisconsin and back again. If you’re in the midwest, sort of in a direct line between NYC and Chicago, and know of a shop that would like to have me teach in late Fall – please email me with the information and I’ll try to get it set up. I think I’ll be driving to save $$ (and also because I like to avoid planes whenever possible) so this makes the most sense in terms of trying to break even on the trip!

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