March 7

I’ve heard that March 7th is the date for my Knitty Gritty appearance. I’m terrified – don’t relish seeing myself on the small screen (but I don’t have cable so it won’t be a problem) but I’m also very excited!

I woke this morning pondering why in this go-round as a knit designer I’m so much happier and – dare I jinx myself – more successful than I was in the 80’s when I had my first attempt. Much of it is age, wisdom, actually having something to SAY about knitting – all that helps.

But I think the main reason is that I have less of my personal happiness riding on my success. My knitting fills me with joy – as does my designing. If others like it, that’s great (more joy) but if they don’t, it’s sad but it doesn’t affect the deeper part of that satisfaction. My definition of success has changed, too. In fact, it changes constantly.

There’s a danger (and fear) in speaking about this so bluntly. There’s so much more that I want to do, so many things I want to design (and knit!) At times expressing a feeling can kill it, but that’s why I have a blog!

I only wish I had more time in the day!

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I knit weird and I enjoy showing others how to find the joy and intuitiveness within their OWN knitting! We don't knit to make THINGS, we knit to make OURSELVES HAPPY!

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