This morning at 5:30 we got the call that schools were delayed 2 hours. God bless the woman who made the calls! It’s lovely here – snow everywhere and the streets are clear – but it’s supposed to be VERY cold this weekend.

My first class last night was cancelled in the Spring Session of my Beginning Knitting Class at the Adult School in South Orange. It was a prudent measure, and I was happy to have the time to take care of Gerry (who seems to be coming down with this muck, too!) and get some design work done. I’ve decided that whenever I have a windfall of time (something I was expecting to do falls through) I will use that time for designing. I’m working on a new series of crocheted hats that will mimic the knit millinery that I’ve been doing for the past few years. Crochet lends itself to this more beautifully.

I’m also spending a great deal of time these days reworking images and text for my Knitting Millinery book as it’s being distributed this Spring through Unicorn Press – that reminds me that I need to take down the version that I’m selling at CafePress (the beta version) when the improved one is finished!

I’m taking a few days off from the calendar while I await comments from Accord on the first three months. No sense in continuing to do something they’d prefer I didn’t in the future months, and I can use the time for tweaking images for KM.

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