Breaking the Wall

I’ve finally broken through and I’ve sold a sweater to Vogue (mild applause) which is the first I’ve sold them in almost 15 years. Woohoo! I feel legitimized by my inclusion into another major knitting magazine, I hope that the design and sweater turn out well! The deadline is very soon (March 18th) which happens to be the same deadline for the…


I’m in the final stage of the calendar, I’ve received comments back from Accord (mostly very good, just minor tweaks to change) and I’m figuring if I complete one month every 2 days I’ll be on target. Of course, this is the weekend that I’m going away for grassroots activism training. I hope they don’t mind a knitting activist!

City Lights

Today I’m going into the city to attend a taping of the Jane Pauley Show. The show’s going to be about knitting and someone who worked on the show knew about me and gave me a call asking if I’d be in the audience. Obviously I don’t have the cache of a larger name, but it’s nice to know that some subversive staffer is a fan! I don’t even think there’ll be a mention of Knitting Heretic or anything like that, but it will be fun to be there! Lily Chin is putting together 200 learn to knit kits and will be teaching folks from the audience how to knit. She asked if I’d be a ‘ringer’ and act like I didn’t know how to knit. I’m hopeful that I’m at least slightly enough well known to make that a joke – or maybe I’ll play along and then begin knitting in Combination Style and blow everyone’s TV mind. Hmmmmmm.

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