I’m in a good place – I’ve been on TV, lots of folks are writing to say they enjoyed the segment, but not having cable I haven’t actually had to witness myself on the tiny screen.

The email response to my appearance has been amazing – thank you to everyone who’s written or posted that you liked my segment. If you feel so inclined and would like to let Screen Door Entertainment (producers of Knitty Gritty) know that you enjoyed me on the show, drop them a line at and maybe they’ll have me back. I’m sure it’s too soon for me to do anything with them while I’m out in LA in April (I’m not even sure if they’re taping then) but I think it would be very mind-opening to have a segment (or show) on Combination Knitting. Just a thought…

I sent off Knitting Millinery to the printer yesterday. I don’t feel 100% great about it – I wish I weren’t so rushed – I’ll be sending the cover images separately. The Vogue sweater is coming along beautifully (it’s a pretty cool concept) and, of course, the IK sweaters are close to my heart because they’re for my kids. I can’t wait to see them on Maxie and Hannah.

Which brings me to another facet of my career that I have to face. I keep resisting this for a variety of reasons, but I think I’ve reached the point where I do have to start using knitters to work up my samples.

On a design level, I enjoy having the chance to knit up the design myself because it gives me an opportunity to find shortcuts and allows me to experience what the knitter will experience when they knit up the design. But it’s a luxury I don’t think I can continue.

Also, I hate the fact that I’d have to pay less than I feel the work is worth, this whole angle of the knit design world sticks in my craw. But if I’d pay a decent amount to a knitter, I’d basically be turning over my entire paycheck (little secret, designers don’t make a ton of money…)

I have used knitters before with varying degrees of success – my favorite way to work with a knitter is to have the magazine or yarn company buy the design outright and just take the pattern I supply to them and find a knitter for it. That takes me out of the equation.

Back to work. Brownies today – yahoo!

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