Pattern Copy Editor Found!
Thanks to those of you who’ve written – I’ve passed your email addresses on to Accord, and they’ve told me that they’ve contracted with one of the applicants to edit the calendar. Woohoo. This is heaven for me, because we all know how detial oriented I am!

It’s a gorgeous day today – not least of which because I finished the Vogue sweater last night and it will be in the mail this morning (when my wonderful hubby takes it to the post office!) I’m also sending in the penultimate months of the calendar, leaving on Nov & Dec to finish up on Monday and send out. Sigh. Breathe.

Speaking of breathing, after a trip to the doctor last week because my bronchitis STILL hadn’t abated after one round of antibiotics, I was given some extra heavy stuff and some good asthma medicine. Drug samples are the beacon light of the uninsured, sadly. I could go off on this, but I feel to darned good and I’m heading out the door to go to Yarnivore in Brooklyn to teach a knitting with wire class.

Tomorrow is Long Island, Monday is Westchester knitting guild – then a bit of a break to collect myself and prepare for TKGA & California.

Management Training
I told my husband, not really jokingly, that I need a manager. I’m getting a lot of folks writing to invite me to teach at various locations, but if it’s a far distance it only makes sense if I can arrange several teaching venues in the same area. That’s where the management thing comes in.

For instance, I’ll be in Ohio the first week in June after teaching at the Great Lakes Fiber Show. My family’s coming out and we’re taking a house on Lake Erie for a week as our vacation (mmmmm, mercury fish!) so I can introduce the kids to Cedar Point. And yes, I know ALL the words to the Cedar Point song from the ads in the early 70’s*.

So while I’m back to Ohio, I’d love to set up some teaching gigs in Toledo, perhaps in Cleveland (we’ll be mid-point between the two) and perhaps as high up as Michigan. I know I want to do this, but have I? No. Not yet. Laziness? Not really – business. I’m hoping this week to do just that – finally get back in touch with Rob at Threadbear – etc. Oy. Coffee. Did you know that this morning a little packet of coffee came with our New York Times? Could you tell that from my blog? I don’t usually drink coffee in the morning. This is fun. Bzzzzzz.

Of course, the downside to the business is the breakdown. I’m glad that this busy time is passing for the time being. I’m a personality type that gets juiced by having deadlines, but also – as a freelancer – well, we tend to have Ado Annie disease. We just can’t say “no”. There’s a fear that if I say no to a job, I won’t be asked to dance again. And all of the jobs come at the same time. Yesterday I found myself on the phone in tears with an editor because – well, because I’m overextended and took something the wrong way. My mother was right – always try to assume the best, it’s really the best course of action.

Everything is fine, feelings are mended, but this is the downside of an imperfect schedule. I strive for equanimity, balance is vital, but there are moments when the balance is lost. Much, much, much fewer moments than when I was younger (and unmedicated, and didn’t knit as much to calm my mind) but there they are. We are all beautifully imperfect.

Pretend THIS
The Pretenders FINALLY are in the R&R Hall of Fame. ’bout time, that’s all I can say. Mwa, Chrissie!

*Cedar Point is better than snow
Better than clowns on a TV show
Better than a birthday or trip to the zoo
Better than going to school with you
‘Cause the very best thing is being with yoooooou
at Ceee-Daaaar Point!

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