Last night at 6:35 I dropped the last two months of the Crochet Calendar (on disk) into the FedEx box and drove home happy.

Now to start on 2007.

I knit all day – what a luxury – and with a few deadlines looming, it’s a necessity, too. But on a snowy, sleety, rainy day like today it’s a wonderful pleasure to sit and knit while listening to Jim Dale read Harry Potter (my favorite speed knitting soundtrack!)

Further Crochet
I heard back on the definite items that IK Crochet wants for their next issue – very exciting! I’m doing a coat (among other things) which makes me happy! Woohoo!

I spoke at the Westchester Knitting Guild up in Chappequa on Monday evening. What a terrific group that is! I really admire the folks they bring in for their workshops, it’s such an active and lively group. I always have a great time when I teach or lecture for them, and this was no exception!

I arrived up in Chappequa early to beat the rush hour traffic, so I took the opportunity to get a manicure and pedicure (pink on the fingers, bright red on the toes) and I felt exceptionally chic!

Other Teaching
Last night’s knitting class here at my home was great – a new knitter did her first lace (woohoo!) and we have a few new sweaters under way. It was a good class (but we missed Betsy & Penny!)

This Thursday class is cancelled due to the religious holiday, so I have a nice break in my obligations to tie up loose ends and KNIT for the next few days. Bliss.

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