Hey Folks!

I’ve been neglecting you! Not because of pique or laziness, more because I haven’t been near a computer to write an entry!

So I’m taking some of my time before I leave for LA/San Diego today to write a bit about TKGA/CGOA Fiber Arts Market.

I stayed at the Scanticon, which is part of the whole Valley Forge Convention Center complex. My first room was very hot, so I moved to a nicer room – with climate control (yeah!) and enjoyed it thoroughly. I don’t have cable at home, so it was a delight to be able to watch the HBO documentary on Air America Radio last week – good timing!

My classes were excellent – the students were engaged and engaging – they worked so hard and were quite focused. It was everything that a teacher could hope for, although I felt myself getting a little more distant from reality as the weekend wore on. It was good to be home and kiss my kids and husband and sleep in my own bed last night!

The fiber market was much smaller than I’m used to seeing at Stitches, but oddly I found much more than I wanted to buy! I think this is the WalMart factor. When I walk into a Walmart (which I don’t do anymore) I feel overwhelmed and sometimes I’m paralyzed by the wide selection of 15 different home freshners or two complete aisles of hair care products. I become so overwhelmed that I can’t remember what I went in to buy and sometimes end up walking out with bags full of stuff I really didn’t want.

But when I go into a realistically sized store I am able to focus better, I see more stuff that I like (because someone has already sifted through a lot of the – well – garbage) and I’m not as overwhelmed and exhausted. I end up leaving stores like this with smaller bags of things I REALLY want (and am willing to spend more $$ on these things!)

That’s how this fiber market was – a narrower selection of vendors, but a wider selection of stuff I’d actually like to buy and take home!

I’ll write more about that later – I just wanted to touch base before I fly off to CA and may (or may not) have access to internet while I’m there!

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