Get the Moving Van!

I am in love with Encinitas.

Today I taught (actually lectured) at the North Coast Knitters Guild in Encinitas. Last night I stayed at a lovely hotel right on the ocean (well, sort of “on” the ocean, I have an ocean view) and just had a spectacular day!

I am loving the convertible much more than I thought I would. Just pushing the button and having the top automatically go down is worth the price of admission!

Anyway, this Encinitas place is lovely – amazing – beautiful and the people are so nice! We went out to dinner this evening and I’ve seldom had a better meal – I’m SO looking forward to the two more days of classes that I’ll be teaching tomorrow and Thursday.

Today I also FINALLY finished the brother / sister sweater set – I knit the collar on the girl’s sweater, added the hook closure and blocked it. The boy’s sweater was blocked, but required a lace-up tie which I created using metal eyes (as in hooks and eyes) and then lacing a twisted cord made up of all of the colors in the sweater through them. I sent them home, they should be there in plenty of time for the photoshoot on Thursday – I wish I could be there! The kids (Hannah and Max) will be modeling the sweaters, they’ll shoot them for Interweave in NYC, in the Village. It will be a fun day for them –

Off to bed! I talked so much today – and we sat outside this evening in the chilly evening ocean air – so I’m nursing a sore throat. I have nice, hot tea, lots of Vitamin C and – best of all – a comfortable bed. Excellent!

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