Held up…

Here I sit at LAX, it’s almost noon and obviously there’s been a delay in my 8:30 flight. Just think, I could have been tooling around in the sunshine instead of lugging my laptop case and heavy travel handbag around!

I stayed with friends in Culver City last night (about 10 minutes from the Airport) so I was pretty much still asleep when I arrived. I’m booked on the 12:50, which should get me in much later than anticipated.

Class at my home is cancelled tonight!!

If any of you show up, sadly, I will not be there… So sad…

I am so looking forward to seeing my kids that I can taste it (and this wacky keyboard on this pay-by-the-minute internet kiosk is ridiculous) and I miss Gerry terribly. Soon… soon…

My hosts last night not only had a mac, but had the applications I needed to finish up my instructions for one of my IK sweaters. I got a lot of good work done last night while my friend tutored a student for their bar mitzvah and her husband fixed dinner – a lovely evening!

… and soon I will be caught up entirely!

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