The Silence of the Crash

I flew into Newark last Tuesday night (and boy, were my arms tired), took a cab ride home and was in bed by 10:30. I can hardly express how wonderful it felt to wake up the next morning to the hugs and kisses of my kids (they actually had to wake ME up – all week – because I was still on LA time…)

I love my kids and my husband. I am so happy to be home. And, of course, Atticus and Butkis were thrilled to see me, and vice versa.

Life is good.

The cold made a return appearance on Wednesday – I’m in crash mode after my trip and deadlines, so that’s when a cold generally creeps up. My beginning knitting class totally blew me away on Thursday when I showed up (after a 3 week break) to find that EVERY ONE OF THEM had done something amazing with their knitting while I was gone… Either a sweater was partially finished, several scarves were made or great work had gone into reworking swatches to perfect techniques, they really made me proud! My voice gave out halfway through class on Thursday so the class graciously allowed me to end early.

I’ll be at Panera this Monday night again – I’ll be late, though (Max has his baseball team photo at 7:20, so I’ll be there closer to 7:45) and I’m looking forward to seeing knitting friends I haven’t seen in a month!

I’m home until late May, when I leave to teach in Ohio at the Great Lakes Fiber Show. We’ve rented a cabin in Marblehead for the same time, plus a week, so Gerry and the kids will drive out separately and settle into our vacation digs while I finish up teaching. Then a week on Lake Erie, trips to Cedar Point and Put In Bay, and maybe even a trip to Toledo so the kids can see where mom went to elementary school and where mom grew up. Gerry says there’s a branch of COSI (science museum) in Toledo, so that will make the trip very worthwhile!

If anyone in Toledo, Cleveland or points between has a shop they’d like me to teach at, I’d be up for considering a busman’s holiday with a day or half day of classes while in the Buckeye State.

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