And right where it hurs – my right thumb!

Is there a digit that is used more than the stalwart right thumb? Especially if one knits, crochets and writes for a living?

Whilst in LA I thought I’d do the West Coat thing and get a mani/pedicure. Sure, my feet look great – and so did my hands until my thumb began swelling and oozing buckts of unsightly muck.

I hoped it would get better, but alas – no soap. As a matter of fact, it became so much worse that even sleeping is hard because I keep dreaming that I’m caught in a chinese handcuff and have to knaw my thumb off to escape.

I finally saw the doc yesterday – he said, “Yep, that’s an infected thumb – I’ll bet that really hurts!” Why yes, Doctor, yes it does.

So I’m on strong anti biotics (apparently my the infection was spreading down my thumb and onto my wrist. I never do things by halves…

And I paid $40 for a miniscule tube of antibiotic cream that hasn’t helped much so far (okay, I’ve only been applying it for 6 hours…)

But even with the most painful thumb in South Orange, I sent off some projects today along with a plethora of books to individual customers and to Amazon, B&N and some yarn shops. I also started my next crochet project for IK – this is a REALLY easy scarf & headband set that is worked in hdc so it resembles a ribbed scarf, very cool. It’s quite difficult to manuver the hooks and needles with my sore, sore thumb, though. Quel trouper, n’est ce pas?

DC for Saturday
My sister in law works for the American Heart Association and has to be in DC for some Heart event, so I’m driving down with Hannah to visit – it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen her (mom’s funeral) and I think it’s really vital that we keep a relationship going. Mom and Jim would really want that. So off to DC for the day, lunch and some sightseeing with Karen before she has to do her job at some AHA dinner, and I’ll drive home with my little girlie!

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