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TO: Michael Crighton
FROM: Annie Modesitt
RE: Plotline for ER

Michael –

I had an idea for an ER segment which would appeal to a new audience. A woman develops an infection in her hand (finger, thumb) through no fault of her own (perhaps while getting a manicure?) and comes into the ER when the pain of the infection becomes overwhelming.

In the segment the doctors would determine that an infection in the blood was a possibility, and consider drastic measures – until they learn that the woman is a hand knit designer and must, at all costs, keep every digit.

No rush in calling me, but CSI has expressed an interest in this as a possible plotline whereby the above mentioned knitter is implicated in the mysterious death of a nail salon owner.

Okay, so I’m being a leetle dramatic… But I did go to the ER yesterday because the infection in my thumb seemed to be worsening at an amazing pace. My husband and good friend Ami both encouraged me to go – I, of course, was hesitant because of the cost involved (we’re semi-insured through an FTP group which allows us to access health care at the same reduced rates insurance agencies pay – sad that we have to barter to get this consideration, huh?)

Anyway, the doctor (physician assistant, actually…) went at my thumb with a beveled needle and the pain was intense. I cried. Oy. This from the woman who (say it with me) delivered an 11 pound baby with no meds. At any rate, they felt they needed to drain the infection – lovely, huh? Do NOT ever let anyone do this to you without first anesthisizing the area. Then the doc looked at it, prescribed some further antibiotics, gave me a scrip for pain (yea!) and sent me home. I feel a little foolish for going in given the outcome (I could have drained my own darned thumb!) but – as Gerry said – this is my thumb, my livlihood, my life. It was gratifying to see how grossed out the nurses and docs were at my thumb – love to get that reaction from the professionals.

Both knitter and thumb are resting and recovering nicely.

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