The Next Big Knitting Craze

We’ve seen it before – a celeb pops up wearing some trendy garment and suddenly EVERYONE wants to own it, wear it, make it!

Well, jump ahead of the pack and whip up Jen’s blanket (aka Jen’s faux burkha) I think she worked this up on the bus from Georgia to Vegas. And what’s knit in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Speaking of blankets & knitting – check out this stole/shawl I’m working up for VK for the Winter issue! I’m so happy with how it’s coming out!


So you say you’re looking for a hot video to relax with tonight? Myself – I’ll be watching The Amazing Race (because my dream is to be a contestant – but that’s another story…)

However, if you’d rather see a short knitting clip, here’s something for you!

I’d read Kathy’s excellent Combination Knitting Page about a year ago, and I loved it, but I just recently discovered her great videos that show the combination method worked in knit and purl.

She purls slightly differently than I, but the result is exactly the same. I feel so proud when I visit her site and see how beautiful and accessible it is – GREAT JOB KATHY!

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