We put up a gazebo in our backyard last weekend (between the trip to the ER and the VERY entertaining drugs…) It’s lovely – and I’m sure we’ll be spending a great deal of time in it this summer! It’s actually a rather rectangular object, and gazebo seems too round a word for it.

It’s really sad when I began describing my ER trip to my knitting group last night as a ‘date’ – it’s the first time the hub and I have been out without the kids in months! After I got my scrip for the drugs we made an evening out of it by stopping for Chinese take-out and enjoying a quiet dinner at home before picking up the kids from friend’s houses. Considering the trip will cost us roughly what a weekend in the Pocono’s would charge, we should have enjoyed it!

I wonder if there will soon be a hotwire or orbitz for hospitals? You break your leg, but before going to the ER you check online for the lowest rates on a 3-start hospital near you? Who says there are no investment opportunities in this economy!?

Today I had a mystery shop at Target, so I used my MS $$ to purchase some lovely strings of outdoor lights for the interior of aforementioned gazebo. It will be a fairy garden. It even has mosquito netting!

Next week I’m ending my Beginning Knitting Class with a little at home party – in the gazebo – woohoo!

Since no one commented on this, I thought I’d post it again: Here’s a look at a plaid shawl/stole I’m working up. It looks hard, but it’s a REALLY easy colorwork pattern. I call it a slip stitch plaid – I haven’t seen it elsewhere, but I have by no means read all the knitting colorwork technique tomes out there! It’s what I used last year in my top for Magknits, and it’s a fun way to use up stray strands of cool yarn!

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  1. I think this is the nicest knitted plaid I have seen! Gorgeous! I love weaving and this is the closest to weaving I’ve seen. Looks like slip stitching and also intarsia? Care to explain or point me to the pattern? Thanks!

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