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Well, for a day or so I knew what it felt like to be a heavily hit-upon blogger, and it was fun! I don’t think I have the energy or capacity to keep up the yukks on a daily basis, but it’s nice to know that when I post something I think is funny, others like to laugh along!

Plaid Redux
Emily was right – it is a bit like Teva’s plaid for her jacket in the Fall 2004 IK (a really beautiful design, by the way – exceptional!) but it’s also rather different. I guess I shouldn’t have said “I’ve never seen anything like it…” but rather, at the time I’d come up with it I hadn’t seen anything like it. I’ve used it with a lot of fibers, but I must say it really takes to this mohair!

Here’s how I did it.

My visual mind operates much better when working from a chart than from written instructions in fact, I’ve even charted out entrelac to make it more manageable for my visually directed mind.

Basically when you make this stitch pattern you’re working 2 RS rows, then 2 WS rows. You MUST make this on circs or long dpns because you have to be able to slide the work back to the other end of the needle every other row.

Give it a try – you may find it’s easier than it looks! To work up a swatch of it, just work the first 20 sts of the chart.

If you can work vertical stripes of color (and yes, you CAN! – the main thing is to remember to wrap one color around the next color when they meet so you don’t get any holes…) then you can do this. You’ll have to play with the slipping of the sts to figure whether slipping as if to knit or purl works best for you. Depending on how you knit, it may differ. At any rate, this is a fun little knitting calesthetic to play with.

Spinning in the Rain?
Gerry’s expressed some reservations about the weather in West Friendship, MD – the location of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s dry but overcast – actually, that’s the best weather for we redheads! I’ve been looking forward to the trip!

Speaking of Trips…
I’ll be the main guest at a fiber/knitting retreat in Connecticut in mid June. I think it’s going to be an amazingly relaxing and fun event – and I, for one, am ready to get away from it all for a bit. The retreat is sponsored by Fabric Of Life Retreats, and seems to me to be priced pretty reasonably. I hope you’ll consider it if you’re thinking of getting away for a weekend with friends and knitting and fun!

The retreat is sponsored by Janet Kemp Fine Yarns in Stratford, CT.

This Just In!
I just got a copy of this photo – it’s of the kids in my fair isle cable set that will be in the Fall 2005 IK. I’m kvelling.

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