MD for MD!

What a great weekend! Yarn, yarn, flowers, pancakes and prawns with walnuts!

On Saturday the family drove down to MD for the Sheep & Wool Fest – always a great time! The kids took the crochet class (Max wasn’t as into it as I thought he might be, but Hannah really buzzed ahead and has FINALLY decided to move along from the chain st to the single crochet!) The teacher of the class was so great with the kids (and she had quite a bunch) so I hung around and helped out a bit, too, when some of the kids seemed to lose their loops.

The vendors were, as always, great – and the new vendors this year were sensational! There were more soap and personal product vendors, which I think is great – love the soaps – and my good friend Jen Heverly of Spirit Trail Fibers was a first time vendor(I am so proud of her!) and she got a nice space in the main barn.

A bunch of fine, fine ladies from the Knitters Review Boards were waiting out front, as usual, snacking and loving the day on a big blue blanket. I brought a lot of copies of Knitting Millinery – my new-ish collection of hat patterns and knit/millinery techniques – to pass out to the KR folks. I know these women, they’re adventurous and they KNIT – if anyone will work up one of these hats, it would be a KR’er!

The kids ran around like maniacs, Gerry shepherded them, we visited lots of lambs and sheep and I bought Hannah a child-size 10″ Beka loom! She has become very interested in weaving – they’re doing it at her school, and I splurged on my girlie (with the understanding that if Maxie develops an interest in weaving then he, too, will get to use the loom…)

On the way there and back we listened to Ella Enchanted – a lovely book – and bless Gerry for driving all the way! After the drive he said, “You know, I need to listen to that book to hear how it ends!”

Mother’s Day was wonderful – bittersweet (my first without my own mom) but lovely. We traditionally go to our favorite diner for breakfast on MD, but this year it is in the process of changing hands and was closed. So instead we visited the Broadway Diner in Summit for some of the best pancakes in the world. Then home for a bit of gardening, lawn mowing, knitting – just hanging out! Max brought me a beautiful plant from school which we put in the front yard and Hannah started on her weaving. Then for dinner out again (twice in one day? What are we, the Rockefellers?) to our favorite Chinese restaurant – Joy Luck in West Orange. A terrific day!

When everyone was in bed I finally finished the plaid shawl for VK (it’s going out today) by edging it with icord and adding fringe. It looks really terrific, I’m quite proud of it!

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