The Gazebo Is Lit
here’s a picture

… and I’m sitting here with 10 minutes before my first student – er, guest – arrives for my little soiree this evening.

It’s the last class of the session I’ve been teaching at the Maplewood South Orange Adult School this Spring, and instead of spending another rank evening in a stuffy middle-school math classroom (nothing against middle schools or math, but this classroom is pretty dismal…) I invited my students over to my house for a sort of last class party.

I don’t feel guilty about not teaching this week – this is a beginning class and every one of them is knitting, purling, ribbing, cabling and some are even doing lace. So tonight we eat pound cake, rugalach, drink iced tea and have some grapes. I even made a berry sauce to put over the cake.

Then I’ll ask them for THEIR comments!

btw, did anyone notice this…

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