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And now on a more serious vein…

As many of you know, last year my older brother, Jim, passed away quite suddenly from a heart attack. I still feel shocked by it – but our father had died the same way almost 30 years ago, so it wasn’t terribly surprising. Over a year later and it still is unreal.

His death came a few months before my mother died, and this was a double blow to all of us. Karen adored my brother, and had welcomed my mother into her & Jim’s home for the past 12 years in Texas.

Ironically, my SIL Karen works for the American Heart Association – and she’s training for a marathon walk to raise money to fight stroke and heart attack.

Here’s a link to her donations page. She’s pretty close to her goal, so any amount that you feel you could give to this great cause would be very much appreciated! I know that as she walks Jim will be along with her!

Please support her in this important work, which helps prevent other spouses, siblings, children and parents from leaving their families much too soon!

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