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Okay, it’s official. I’m so angry about the thumb pain that I’m considering asking for medical expenses from the salon.

I don’t consider this lightly – I’m generally pretty anti-litigious. However this thumb is NOT getting better as it should. The pain is intense and I’ve been asked to be on Knitty Gritty again but may have to forego this because, well, who wants a closeup on a thumb with no nail?

Has anyone every experienced this before? The fact that I’m in NJ and the salon’s in CA can’t make it easy – that, and the fact that I have no receipt. The salon insisted on payment in cash, however they had an ATM machine in the salon which I used, and I have a record of that withdrawl. I also know that the woman who did my manicure was from Vietman and used to teach geography (a singular detail which I wouldn’t have been able to know unless I’d spent some time chatting with her!)

At this point, though, I’ll have at least 3 doctor visits, an ER visit and drugs to pay for by the time the thumb is healed. That’s not mentioning the fact that I’m going to miss a few submission deadlines because I just can’t get my swatches done with this thumb. I’m finishing up a few projects, but aside from that I can’t really knit more than an hour a day or the pain is overwhelming. Poop.

Perhaps this is a fine time to mention that I was contacted by a freelance journalist who told me that, as of the knitting heat that I participated in at TKGA in April, I’m the fastest knitter in the US. Don’t get too excited – I was forced to use a really awful acryllic which slowed me terribly – so my time was at least 80 sts slower than it might have been. I ended up making 163 knit sts in 3 minutes (the world champ over in the UK does 240 in 3 minutes – I have a long way to go!)

I wonder if that will lend sympathy to my plight?

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