As some of you may know, I’m a mystery shopper. I’m not terribly active, but every now and then I get called for a really cool shop, so I go off and do it!

This weekend I got a call to do a shop at a disco bowling establishment in NYC, dinner, drinks and a few games of bowling.

My husband and I hadn’t had an evening out for months, so we arranged a sitter for Maxie (Hannah was having an overnight camping trip with her Brownie troop) and we headed into Manhattan for a fun evening of bowling and food.

Aside from the fact that I had to bowl with my left hand (gutter, gutter, gutter, one strike, gutter, gutter, gutter…) it was a really fun evening. Bowling is just about our speed! The food was amazingly good – we couldn’t finish the chocolate fondue so the waitress packed it up for us to go. A lovely evening was had by all.

Knitting Content
Tomorrow is the deadline for the next IK submissions, but I think I’m going to miss it. Too much bowling, obviously… Actually, I can’t seem to get my swatches finished – the knitting makes my thumb pretty sore and after a few rows I just can’t go on. Very sad. I may just send sketches with an explanation of why I’m not sending swatches, but I’d never realized how integral the act of working up the swatch is to get my creative juices flowing. The ideas are not as forthcoming as I’d like. More drugs…

Legal Thumbs Up
Thanks to all of you who wrote with information on filing a complaint in California – the emails were incredibly helpful and gave me a great direction to move in! I may not get complete satisfaction in the form of renumeration for medical costs, but I hope I have an impact on the way this salon sterilizes their tools!

Home Remedies
And a huge thanks to those who wrote with clever home remedies – some really terrific ideas (some I’m already doing!) What an amazing bunch of blog readers I have! Thank you all so much!

And now – off to do some mailing!

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