We Interrupt This Design Life…
Because I suffered a computer problem today and it really set me back!

As you may know, I design databases for fun (not necessarily for profit) and I keep all of my design life in my knit projects database. This is tied in to my databases of sketches, swatches, charts, sizing specs, yarn specs, and all kinds of groovy info. Well, today something happened to my main database and it was irrecoverable. Angst.

This happened just as I was compiling 16 new sketches in a pdf file to send to IK, so obviously I’ve missed the deadline. Rats.

It also happened immediately before I was leaving for an appt with my lung doc (finally, asthma meds!) and I was shocked, shocked to discover that my blood pressure was better than it had been in months! I guess I should lose 3 years of work more often…

With a lot of work and some luck and my last saved version of my database (saved in Feb – usually I save every month, but it’s been a busy time) I’ve reconstructed my database except for the sketches and swatches of the last 36 designs. Luckily many of these I still have as scanned images, some of them I have as pdf submission compilations which I can convert to jpg files and grab the images.

So I guess my lesson is to save my database on a more regular basis. But it feels good to have the file back… As annoying as they can be, I would rather deal with the angst of computers than try to do my job without them!

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