Man, when I read Laurie’s blog I have serious comment envy! But she deserves it, she has such a fresh, funny and enjoyable blog – I find myself commenting more there than I write here!

Maybe it’s because I’m busy? Old? I wish I had more time to actually browse other blogs, but I have very deep rooted Methodist guilt (you thought we didn’t have that, huh? Well, we DO, but it tends to be a very PRO active guilt) and when I’m at the computer I tend to use the time to, well, work. That’s the bummer of being self employed, the boss is a bitch.

I need to seriously update many of my web pages. Since moving to OSX I can’t use my favorite html editor, Claris Home Page, because it doesn’t have an OSX version. I can run it in classic mode, but that’s really slow and I think I make it to be more of a barrier in my mind than it is. But change the pages I must!

Spirit Trail Fibers is not going to be offering the kits any longer with my designs – and I think it’s probably a wise decision. Apparently kits aren’t selling as well as just plain skeins of yarn, and Jen finds she has to tie up so much of her stock in kits that it is a constant dance to break them apart to have general skeins to sell. This means, though, that my patterns are my own again, and I can sell them on my site. FINALLY I’ll be selling the ribbed lace corset (after I revisit the pattern for a little editing), which is good news because I get a lot of folks writing to ask for the pattern!

Oy. I just got a call that Max is sick at school. Off to pick up the boy!

Salty Peanuts
I start reading one blog, and that links to another – you all know the drill, that’s probably why you’re here! I could seriously get lost in this, but I must say it’s a wonderful time!

So I get a call from my agent (yes, I have an agent, even though I haven’t heard from him in quite a long time…) and apparently someone is interested in a book of rather unusual wire projects. That’s why I was asking what would YOU like to see a pattern for – if you were searching for a wire pattern, that is…

I’ll let you know what transpires. I’ve been here before, and have yet to end up with a contract from a publisher, but there’s always a first time!

Speaking of Publishing
First of all, apologies for moving more slowly both on Cheaper than Therapy and Men Who Knit… than I’d meant to. As I was singing to Max as we walked home from the doctor’s (he does NOT have conjunctivitis, I’m happy to say!) Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…

Anyway, with a small bit of down time I’m finally gearing up for Cheaper than Therap and hopefully it will be in some good state by mid summer. The men who knit book is a tougher nut – I truly do want to find a publisher to work with me on this as I feel that color is VERY necessary!

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