At the urging of my husband I finally updted my bio/resume page. Added a lot of shops that I’d neglected to mention, added my books. I’ll wait to update my portfolio page until this fall because I have a ton of stuff coming out and I’d rather just sit down and pound it all in at one time. What do I have coming out, you ask…

IK – A chenille hat in Fall
IK – 3 Sweaters in Winter (2 kids and one woman’s cardigan)
VK – ‘Cocoon’ type sweater in Fall
VK – Plaid mohair shawl/scarf in Winter
Accord – The Calendar (hooray!)
FCEK – Wire pieces from Melanie Falick’s upcoming book, Holiday Knitting
Holiday Knitting – lace tablecloth & wire menorah
Wrap Style – Pam Allen’s new book, my Touch Me wrap will be in it

So it will be a gratifying Autumn. Most of these things are worked up so far in advance that I’ve lost the ‘buzz’ that I felt when knitting them up, but it will be wonderful to see them printed up!

Oh, and I’m so happy about my last design for IK that I just sent in. I really hope they take it, because I feel it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Here’s a peek… – this swatch is worked in Art Yarns (magnificent colors!)

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