It’s overcast today – it feels like November and I hardly know whether to wear boots or shoes! Isn’t Memorial Day this weekend? Whatever happened to global warming? I guess Laurie’s getting all of our heat.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and very touching emails about my mom’s anniversary. Today is another milestone – it would have been her 86th birthday. She died 2 days before her birthday – she was always proud of the fact that she was 16 when she graduated from high school because it was a few days before her birthday. She is so missed.

Thanks also for the excellent points about the mailer. I’ve contacted folks who’ve written to me with nice comments about past classes to get their permission to use their names or businesses in part of the quote. If any of you have taken a class with me and would like give a quote for the mailer, I’d be happy to hear it!

I’ve been noodling around with some amazing silk and merino (two yarns, stranding them together and sort of weaving them in a slip stitch pattern) It’s coming out beautifully – very much like woven fabric. Check out the short row shaping around the neck! I’ve had an idea for a Kimono type jacket which starts as a scarf with sts picked up around the outer edge and worked side to side in the front and down the back to create the fronts, back and sides. I apologize, if it’s a little complex without an illustration. I think I’ll work it up with this yarn and see how it goes. Vacation knitting!

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