Rainy Night on SI
The traffic on Staten Island is always pretty heavy, but on a rainy evening it’s scary. It was worth the trip, though, as the women I met at the Muddy Cup were so kind and wonderful! What a great evening we had!

I talk about myself a LOT (just ask that student at TKGA…) so any chance I get to go on about myself ad nauseum is, well, a real treat for me. I think I got a little loud at one point (I’m like a drunk when I start going on about yarn…) because the coffee house owner came back and closed off the doors to ‘give us privacy’ – but we all undestood.

It was terrific to see Bette again (she invited me out to SI, and had taken a class with me at Rhinebeck last year…) – she made me feel so at home, and the women were just wonderful. look what Bette spun and gave to me! Perhaps on some not-so-rainy Wednesday evening I’ll drop by again, traffic permitting!

Speaking of Rhinebeck, I’ve tried over and over to get in touch with the contacts I have for the festival this year. At this point it’s probably too late, but I would have liked to submit a few classes. Teaching there was a wonderful experience last year, and I think my students were pretty happy! I can’t seem to get any response when I call or email, though – if anyone has any info on this, I’d love to hear it! Bette said she’d had a hard time contacting anyone, too – perhaps I’m just trying the wrong numbers?

I leave tomorrow morning for Ohio – I’m so thrilled to be going out, and I’ve been hearing lovely things about the Great Lakes Fiber Show from folks who’ve visited before. It seems that it’s a small show, but a real gem – I’m looking forward to it! We’re hopeful that we’ll have some kind of internet access while we’re gone, so with luck I’ll be posting about the show and the teaching. I just received a nice bunch of yarns from Classic Elite for their next design submission – I’m looking forward to a week of playing with new yarns!

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