I’m in Ohio – at Put In Bay right now – and using the library computer to post.

We’re loving Marblehead – having a great time (Cedar Point was amazing – we opted for the evening ‘starlight’ 5 hour visit and rode every roller coaster that the kids could/would ride with us! On the way out Hannah REALLY wanted a souvenir, so I told her she had THREE minutes to find something. She did – a lovely little necklace of a spinning girl for $4.95. Of course Max was bereft, he couldn’t find ANYTHING, and began sobbing as we left. Exhaustion as much as anything else as it was 10 pm.

So on a whim I stopped at the ‘birthday bash’ game of chance, let Maxie put one dollar down on his month, and he WON a nice, huggable size teddy bear. I cannot say enough about how kind and wonderful all of the staff was at CP – what a terrific place. Just as wonderful as I remembered as a kid! The extra bonus was the two great kids working the birthday bash booth made Maxie laugh so hard. An excellent memory to leave with (yes, mom was in tears)

And, of course, then Hannah was woebegone because SHE didn’t win something. Oh, well… It’s not really a vacation unless someone gets their nose broken.

Yesterday we went to Kelly’s Island – really lovely – and Gerry and I both agreed that IF we camped it would be the place we’d go in a minute!
Today we’re at Put In Bay, which has more to do for the kids. We also rented a golf cart which has really MADE the trip for everyone (including me!)

While the kids and Gerry (and, of course, Atticus – who has accompanied us throughout this trip EVERYWHERE except CP) play putt putt, I am on the computer. The librarian is not just a knitter but a kind fan, so she’s letting me have a touch more time than usual. Hee hee hee.

Tomorrow we revisit my old stomping ground of Toledo – we’re going to the Zoo and maybe to Cosi while Gerry visits WGTE where he used to work as a producer (NOT while I was living in Toledo – odd, huh?) and may even end the day by taking the kids to my old playground at Jackman elementary.
A word about the wonderful yarn shop in Marblehead – it’s terrific!

Beautiful light, great space, and the owners have a delicious sense of color which is obvious in the high quality yet reasonably priced yarns. I’ve never seen such lovely colors of Manos together. I want to go back there and just KNIT for a few hours, but I don’t think that will happen…
All in all, this is a great vacation! Did I mention that so far Max has caught 20 fish off of our shady dock (catch and release) and Hannah’s not far behind. We fed the swans yesterday morning, and this morning Hannah fed the ducks with their babies.

Speaking of babies, I acquired a kitten at the Great Lakes Fiber Show (which was WONDERFUL! I will definitely be back next year as they’ve invited me and it was such a lovely place to teach!) It’s a little black kitten we’ve named Gigi (from Kiki’s delivery service) and Hannah’s in LOVE with it. It’s very lively, very happy and is coming to terms with Atticus. I’m very glad that we have two cars out here so we can divide them up for the long car ride home!

We leave Saturday morning. I wish we could stay a month. I love Ohio, I’m so lucky to be from here!

Annie (on vaca in Ohio)

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