Endless Ends

I’ve arrived at the part of the swatching process that is so boring – weaving in the ends – not one of my favorite occupations.

But weave I must, and I have about 8 swatches so far with multiple ends to be woven. Luckily, this morning is Hannah’s 3rd Grade Recorder Concert, so I’ll be dragging my baggie of unfinished swatches and my chibi needle to surreptitiously rid myself of the offending ends between jazz solos.

Yesterday Gerry worked like a maniac trimming the hedges and packing up all of the branches, leaves, etc. Apparently there was some poison oak or something in with the stuff because his arms have broken out. He even wore a long-sleeved shirt while working, but it was a very hot day and he had some residual skin irritation from an earlier foray into the hedges that surround our backyard.

Anyone have any terrific home rememdies for itchy breakouts? He’s been using witch hazel and benedryl. Itching in the heat is no fun.

It’s just stupid hot. S T U P I D H O T

By positioning several fans in strategic locations I’ve discovered I can both sit comfortably enough to knit, and drown out the sound of my kids fighting over STUPID HOT things

“He’s using my markers – and he’s using EVERY ONE BUT THE GREEN ONE because he knows I hate green!

My mother’s prayer has come true – I have given birth to me.

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