Itchy and Scratchy

I am a Poison Ivy magnet. I don’t actually have it myself, mind you, but two other folks I’ve come in contact with have developed killer cases on their arms. Maybe I just like outdoorsy types?

At any rate, your comments and suggestions are excellent – and my husband is much happier. We’ve bought the Aveeno, we’ve got the calamine, and life is better. When my sensitive skin kids were under 4 every other bath was an oatmeal bath (the Rite-Aid bargain version of the Aveeno is actually not bad…)

Even if your wonderful suggestions don’t make it go completely away, he feels so much better knowing other folks commiserate with him!

The installation of the A/C in my office has spurred me to get going on Cheaper Than Therapy again, finally – woohoo! I’ve been working on 4 or 5 of the essays – I plan on doing them in small batches and then, when those are set and everyone’s happy, moving on to the next 5 or so. Finally getting paid from my major distributor for the last shipment of Confessions of a Knitting Heretic and Knitting Millinery makes my pipe dream of paying the writers no longer a dream!

I’d kept rather quiet about the money thing because I didn’t want to raise expectations I couldn’t fill, but my plan now is to pay to use the essays and the writers will retain all rights (except first publishing rights.)

Unfortunately I won’t be able to pay a huge amount of $$, I’ll work that out individually with each contributor. To keep it in perspective, though, my sweater in Stitch & Bitch netted me a cool $50. Fifty. But I got to keep the sweater!

The contributors can also purchase books at wholesale after they’re printed so they can sell them themselves on their blogs if they want, or to pass them on to friends, etc. (of course, all contributors will get some free books, too!)

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a worldwide book signing at each of our own local yarn shops on the same night? An event!

Hopefully any sales will make up for the initial investment in printing, ISBN numbers, marketing, ads for the book, etc.

I’m still looking for submissions – and they don’t have to be essays! An interesting interview with someone who has an amazing fiber story, a poem (I’ve received a few really cool ones…) Knit Haiku – all that I ask is that your submission have some relevance to how fiber has affected you in a positive way. Or even a negative way, if it’s a good story!

And, one more thing, it should be good (moving, inspiring, funny – something that communicates will and touches folks right in their fiber plexus.) My firm belief is that many of us are capable of excellent work, except that we’re never asked for excellence! You can do more than you ever dreamed (and you know it!)

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