Here I am in CT at the Fabric Of Life Retreat in Stratford, CT and having a wonderful time!

The location is very nice – I hadn’t stayed at a Homewood Suites before, but it’s comfortable and I do really feel at home. Just without the animals and the kids. And the husband. And with cable. And really nice towels. And an icemaker.

The students at the retreat are fabulous – funny, intelligent, open to try new things and adventurous!

After a few glasses of champange I taught Combination Knitting last night – don’t drink and teach. Actually, the class went really well, and perhaps I was a bit looser than usual (is that possible?) I’m foregoing the Yoga this morning to catch up on email and blog (and, to tell the truth, to catch a few more minutes of the 1998 Les Miserables with Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush – excellent!) but my class is starting in, oh, about 3 minutes…

Today is cabling without a cable needle and then tomorrow is colorwork – both classes I really love, and classes that tend to be very enjoyable. Minimum cursing.

Last night the setup of the room was rather tight – it was hard for me to manouver around the conference table with the big, comfy chairs that everyone was sitting in. I spent a good deal of the class squeezing past folks in chairs.

Today they’ve reduced the size of the conference table so I should be able to scoot around much easier. However, when I first walked in the room to check my stuff there was a herballife pin, “Ask me about losing weight” at my place. Hmmmmm – am I being given a message?

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