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Off to Hershey!
As promised, I’m taking the kids to Hershey today for a visit. They have some great plan where you can visit the park after 7:30 for free if you buy a ticket for the following day. When a friend mentioned that she’d be going with her son, we sort of piggybacked on the trip and off we go!

Tomorrow I’ll be in Maryland, I’m teaching on Sat at Cloverhill Yarn Shop in Baltimore – and on Sunday at Woolwinders in Rockville. On Saturday night I’ll be doing a private gig (no jumping out of cakes, ladies…) so it will be a driving kind of weekend.

My Hershey friend – who is a saint – will be bringing the red headed duo back to South Orange on Friday while I drive on to Maryland, which actually works out beautifully for me! Thank you, Nancy Gould! Pssst – if you’re ever looking for a home out here in NJ, she’s amazing!

So off to pack, answer mail and send out books (the orders continue to come in from the distributors – a minor miracle but I’ll take it!)

July will be devoted to this book, and I will have it finished by the end of the month. If you’ve contributed and I haven’t been back to you recently, I will soon! I’m sorry that I became so overwhelmed, but now I’m back on track with it – thanks so much for your patience!

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