I'm Baaaa-aaack!

Oy, what a wrenching, yet wonderful, weekend!

We left Thursday for Hershey Park and, after getting lost for an hour, finally met up with my friend and her son at our motel and crashed poolside for a few hours.

Then on to dinner. Then on to THE PARK!

It was terrific! What a pleasant and fun place, and we felt so safe there with the kids – there was a very friendly atmosphere. It was my first time at Hershey Park, but it will NOT be my last!

We rode a bunch of rides and had a ball until the park closed at 10:00, then we headed back to the motel where we crashed, intending to return to the park the next morning for part II of our trip.

However, that evening at around midnight the excitement, the rides and most of all the greasy food (onion rings) got to Hannah and she was rather ill. Very, very ill. I was worried that she wouldn’t feel well the next day, but she bounced out of bed and announced, I’m ready for Hershey Park!

But was Hershey Park ready for her?

We did water rides on Friday – it was a warmer day and we were armed with bathing suits and towels. The big delight of the trip was that Hannah and Max and my friend’s son, Ryan, seemed to get on well together and Ryan had a partner in crime for just about any ride he wanted to go on. This saved the mom’s stomachs from some terrifying drops and spins (although we certainly got our share of rides in!) It was lovely to have a chance to sit and chat with Nancy while our kids were turning upside down in alarming ways over our head. Ah, happy days…

I stayed until about 2:00, when I left to drive down to Maryland. Just before I left Max had a minor meltdown because he hadn’t won anything yet, so I obliged him by winning my SECOND monkey playing Whack A Mole and he was satisfied. The things we do as moms. I’d never whacked a mole before in my life. Nancy drove the kids home – apparently all went well until about 45 minutes away from home when Hannah began campaigning to STOP AND EAT, which was unnecessary. I spoke with her on the phone and warned her to watch her step and behave herself, but somehow it’s just not the same if I’m not giving her the mom eyes in the rear view mirror. I should have taken a photo of my eyes and sent them to my friend’s cell phone – rats! Still, they got home in one piece and I owe Nancy BIG TIME!

Arriving in Maryland that evening I crashed (and I DO mean crashed, I was zonked!) at Marietta’s apartment. Her Hub, Steve, had a head cold and I think both of us were relieved that we each just wanted to veg out and sleep /read until Marietta got home from work. It’s great when the host and the guest have the same goal – personal time alone streched on a bed with a book!

Marietta works at Wool Winders but she’s also the daughter of one of my knitting buddies up here in NJ AND is a costumer, like me. We have a LOT in common, and chatted until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The next morning we dished further about actresses (now you know what costumers do when we get together…) and after a cup of the most delicious tea I drove on to Baltimore where I taught my Knitting with Wire class at Clover Hill Yarn Shop – the full day class – and enjoyed thoroughly my time there! That’s always a hard class to teach because there’s a portion of the class when some students feel they can’t really get the technique. It comes, but slowly for some, and that can be a rough point. Everyone got past it, and I think everyone was pretty happy with their pieces, but it’s the one class I teach where I sort of hold my breath until the last necklace is finished…

Class ran a bit over, so once again I was RUSHING down to southern MD for a private party at a new online knitting buddy’s home. I was 20 minutes late, but Pat was SO gracious and made me feel not-so-bad about my rude lateless.

Good friends, needles and yarn, lasagna and lots of knitting chatter – THAT is what I call a great evening! Most of the women there were already established knitters, but I was happy to show them the combination method and also some new tricks and tips. I initiated a new knitter into the Heretical knitting coven. Join us…

Pat was kind enough to invite me stay over that night in her lovely home. Waking up in her beautiful daughter’s room I felt a twang of envy – what a gorgeous space for a girl to wake up in every day! After a quick cup of coffee back up to Rockville to Wool Winders for two back to back classes on Combination Knitting. I did steal a little break between classes, and when both were finished Jacqui’s terrific staff (they are among the best staff I’ve met in a yarn shop!) got me a huge collection of sushi so I could nosh before I drove home. What a terrific trip! I am still reeling from the gorgeous Manos Del Uruguay at Jacqui’s shop. If you’re in the area, it’s a great shop to visit!

I am happy to report that I not only stayed awake for the drive home, I finished a book on CD and stopped at Cracker Barrel for another one! Thank heaven for Books on CD – they make my life so much richer! Also, by coming back via Rt 15, then Rt 78, I missed most of the beach traffic and the trip home went very quickly.

So that is the exciting and glamorous life of a hand knit designer /teacher and her trip to Hershey Park / Maryland for a wild weekend. I guess one never really outgrows Road Trips, huh?

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