Straight Up.

So Paula’s been suffering too I feel her pain. Really.

My ducks are in a row, finally I have my medical receipts (it takes FOREVER to get those things from our TPA – which is cheap-white-trash speak for faux-insurance)and I’ll be sending a registered letter to the offending salon in Pacific Palisades asking them to cover my out of pocket expenses incurred due to their negligence. I’m not asking for pain and suffering, I’m not asking for loss of income (and believe me, I lost income!) because that’s so hard to prove and a place I really don’t want to go.

But I am asking for my doctor’s bills (3 visits) my ER visit bill (oh, the pain!) and my TWO courses of antibiotics. You are now in Judge Annie’s courtroom.

In case any of you are wondering what I’m talking about – here is an image of the thumb in the first stages of the infection It’s not for the feint of heart, so be forewarned.

Here’s the thumb today – much better, n’est ce pas? It still wreaks havoc with my knitting, though. Darn!

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