Happy Fourth of July Weekend, folks!

I heard someone on the radio this morning say, “It’s a birthday party – you don’t go to someones birthday and tell them that they need to lose weight…”

A good point. There is so much to be improved, but it’s nice to have a weekend to kick back and enjoy our neighborhood, our state and our country!

Come Tuesday, though, the ‘diet discussion’ will continue. That’s an anaology, see, I’m not talking about a real diet, but a national discussion on making our country better. It’s related to the not telling someone they’re fat on their birthday comment above.

Comic Truism: If you have to explain it, it’s not funny.

Thanks so much for the wonderful congratulations – I’ve been basking in the feeling that I can design 20 pieces and they’re all ALREADY accepted. A nice feeling. I can see where a few books down the road there’d be a looming, “How will I FILL it all!” fear, but right now I have many, many knit wire designs flying around my brain. I’m very excited.

I’ve had lunch with two good friends over the past two days – I’m fortunate in my friends, that’s for sure! One was a friend from the bad old single days (my memories of those days are so foggy – could it have been one white wine spritzer too many? We ARE talking about the 80’s…) the other is a new friend – well, not so new – who I met about 4 years ago in a screenwriting class given at our local library. She’s also a knitter and about 12 years ago I worked with her husband, so it’s a really small world!

Anyway, with all the traveling and teaching I realize that I seldom take the time to just sit with a FRIEND. Not someone I’m trying to show something to, or sell something to, or get something from. Just a friend. I think of my students as friends, but there’s always that teacher thing going on in my brain (I have to beHAVE myself…) so it’s nice to kick back. Those of you who have taken a class with me are now thinking, “She was behaving herself in the class??

Yes, sadly, that wild woman you witnessed showing you how to cable without a cable needle is actually the subdued me. You can imagine how exhausted my husband is. And the kids are just like me.

Anyway, one of my friends’ grandmother is originally from Shanhai and – you guessed it – she knits in the Combination style. How odd that I never realized this before, but it fits my theory.

I’ve noticed from comments by other knitters and visitors to my website that there seem to be two major pockets of sanctioned combination knitting in the world: Shanghai and Hungary (specifically Budapest).

My theory is that these are places where East & West didn’t just meet but went out on a few dates, too. Perhaps this is reflected in the types of things that social scientists generally don’t study – like knitting styles, or perhaps the way someone rolls their dumplings. Who knows? It’s fascinating to think of, though!

Speaking of which – thank you all so much for the kind emails and notes about my beautiful(well, they are!) kids. You can see them for yourself on page 100 of the Fall 2005 Interweave Knits. How kind of them to put them on such an easy page! And, it’s official, I’ve heard from the horses mouth (as it were) that my sweater will be on the cover of Fall Vogue. Too much good at one time.

Did I mention that today we’re officially insured? The union health insurance kicks in today. It’s true, we have a fifty dollar co pay, but we are insured. And now I will investigate the possibility that this continued exhaustion and joint pain is due to a recurrance of Lyme or another auto immune disease brought on the by hysterectomy and stress. Finally I can afford the tests. I’ll wait until Tuesday to rant about how absurd this is in the RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

This is about the best period I’ve had in years. It feels that many things are coming together – and is in stark contrast to my life a year ago. Let’s hope I can keep the pace and keep my mind in the game – and enjoy life, too!

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